PhlebX Entered a strategic partnership with CloudLIMS

Upper Saddle River, NJ – October, 2023 – PhlebX – a tech powered mobile phlebotomy services company, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with CloudLIMS, a leading lab informatics provider.

The partnership brings together CloudLIMS’ state-of-the-art Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and PhlebX’s fast, reliable, and effective phlebotomy and specimen collection services to empower clinical diagnostic labs with a fully integrated digital platform, eliminating any data silos. With the integration of CloudLIMS with Phlebx’s digital phlebotomy app, clinical diagnostic labs can not only further streamline their operations from sample collecting to reporting but also significantly reduce the need for additional staff and administrative overhead.

The integrated solution aims to streamline sample collection, lab testing, and the reporting of test results to healthcare providers and patients. Healthcare providers can seamlessly place a test request with labs via CloudLIMS’ secure physician portal. Upon receiving the test request, lab professionals can easily assign the sample collection work to a phlebotomist through the PhlebX app, who then visits the at-home patient to collect the sample. After collecting the sample, the phlebotomist can generate a barcode label onsite using a portable printer for fast and accurate sample accessioning and drop off the sample at a designated specimen box. Lab personnel then collect the sample from the specimen box, accession it in CloudLIMS by scanning the barcode on the sample label, and perform the requested tests. The test results are transferred from the instruments to CloudLIMS through a direct integration as soon as the testing is complete. The lab validates the test results and generates a custom report using CloudLIMS, which is then shared with the healthcare provider via CloudLIMS’ secure physician portal or directly with the patient via CloudLIMS’ HIPAA-compliant patient portal if the test is requested by the patient.

The partnership also provides an opportunity for labs to tap into the fast-growing at-home diagnostics market. With PhlebX’s expertise in mobile phlebotomy services and CloudLIMS’ data management and automation solution, clinical diagnostic labs can now expand their service offerings to include home-based sample collection while reducing the overall turnaround time and assuring reporting of precise and accurate test results.

“As we join forces with PhlebX, we aim to further empower clinical diagnostic labs to offer direct-to-patient and direct-to-provider remote diagnostic testing services. Diagnostic labs can now expand services to patients with limited mobility or those in infectious disease hotspots and remote areas. Additionally, labs can facilitate physicians in promptly ordering tests for at-home patients and receiving test reports via a secure portal, allowing for faster treatment initiation,” said Arun Apte, CEO of CloudLIMS. “This aligns perfectly with the current healthcare landscape, where patients and physicians are seeking more accessible diagnostic services from the comfort of their homes or offices. Patients, healthcare providers, and clinical diagnostic labs can all look forward to a more seamless and efficient experience,” he continued.

Yogev Cohen Adness, President and co-founder at PhlebX noted: “Our partnership with CloudLIMS brings together two of the industry’s most innovative technology platforms, to create a seamless and continuous service process that digitally connects providers, labs, healthcare facilities and patients at home, for fast and timely diagnostics that enable better care management and improved health outcomes.”

About PhlebX

PhlebX, a New Jersey based provider of mobile phlebotomy and specimen collection services offers direct and managed services of scheduled and on-demand specimen collections, using advanced cloud-based technology and mobile apps to efficiently operate our phlebotomy teams. PhlebX provides faster, more economical, and more personalized mobile phlebotomy services to eligible Medicare / Medicaid patients – house-calls which are CMS reimbursable to labs – and also offers concierge service to patients with other insurance plans and self-pay.

About CloudLIMS

CloudLIMS offers a secure, in-the-cloud, SaaS LIMS purpose-built for clinical diagnostic labs. CloudLIMS offers a range of complimentary services, including technical support and training, instrument integration, reporting templates, product upgrades, legacy data migration, and automatic data backups. CloudLIMS helps labs maintain user access for PHI control, manage clinical data, automate workflows, and meet compliance such as CLIA, HIPAA, ISO 15189, EU GDPR. is a SOC 2 compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified informatics company.

CloudLIMS Contact

Mrinal Kanti Chatterjee

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Yary Mordkovich
PhlebX Inc.